Graphic recording & visual facilitation

What is it?

We come to your premises or wherever the training or seminar is to be held and translate in real time what is being said into images!


Participants see they are being heard, they feel automatically engaged and are eager to take part in the the analysis and in the search for creative solutions. They are more receptive, more responsive, and more active. The process becomes interactive, dynamic and stimulating. This is an exciting way to use the potential of visual communication and increase the impact of meetings and seminars. 


It can take the form of visual protocols (graphic recording) or visual facilitation, according to how much input you need from us!


Graphic recording : a visual recollection of information that is drawn in real time during a meeting, often in the form of large scale pictures. The graphic recorder listens to what is being said and synthesizes it in simple words and images that are visible to all participants.

Practically, this is usually done using markers on big sheets of paper, paper rolls or foamboards. We may be filmed and the recording displayed on a big screen so as to be seen by a large audience The low-tech (but high-impact!) recordings done live on such surfaces may be edited digitally at a later stage. In some cases we may record directly on a digital surface (Cintiq, Ipad). 


Visual facilitation : a moderation technique based on the use of graphic tools e.g. drawings, sticky notes... The graphic facilitator leads and takes an active part in the dynamic group process  


How does it help?

  • Makes ideas and concepts visible to all participants; clarifies them
  • Enhances interaction through the association of ideas
  • Increases group dynamic, appeals to all kinds of learners, supports engagement, group memory and productivity

Where does it help?

Whenever people try to work together. Product development, design thinking, innovation, project planning, process analysis and optimization, productivity, creative workshops, strategy and management workshops and seminars, change management process, team-building and motivation workshops... to name a few.


Not sure about the kind of visual meeting you want to set up? Should you need assistance in planning the use of graphic recording/facilitation at your event, we are happy to help!