Our Graphic Recording/Visual Facilitation work is submitted to the following general terms and conditions:



1- One of our Thinkpen members sends you an offer in written form for the requested service. By accepting the offer you are confirming the order and booking us. 



2- Our price for classic recordings on paper or foam board includes the standard preparation work, the usual material costs (markers & paper roll) the originals and the rights to use all the graphic material that has been gained from our recordings or facilitated sessions (digital and print postproduction), according to §4 "Rights of use". 


Digital post production of the graphic recordings is available upon request; we charge an hourly rate (90 €/120 CHF).


Click here for further details on our pricing!



3- Travel expenses and accomodation are not included in our fees. Should our graphic recorder(s) need to arrive on the premices one day prior to the event, we may charge aditional travel time. 



4- Rights of use:
you may use the pictures or pieces of it under the Creative Common License, CC-BY-NC-SA Version 4.0 (naming of Thinkpen whenever pictures are used or displayed,  non commercial use only, share alike, international)



5- Our prices are sumitted to 7% VAT except in case the service is not submitted to any VAT (as it may be the case with some internatinal contractors and invoices issued by Florence Dailleux based in Switzerland).



6- Unless a different term has been agreed upon, the term of our invoices is two weeks.



7- Cancellation policy:


You can cancel the booking of our graphic recorders up to one month in advance without charges.


Cancellations on shorter notice will be sumbitted to cancellation fees.


Between 15-29 days : 20% of the amount


Between 7-14 days : 50% of the amount


Between 0-6 days : 80% of the amount



8- Liability


Should one or several Thinkpen Graphic Recorder(s) not be able to fuflill their assignment because of illness, accident, or any other reason can could not be foreseen or avoided, Thinkpen is to provide with a qualified replacement person. Should it prove impossible for Thinkpen to provide you with a satisfying candidate, Thinkpen's liabiliy is limited to the fees that the client had agreed to pay Thinkpen for the contract.



9- Settlement


For any dispute involving Sabine Kranz or Stefan Müller the competent jurisdiction is Frankfurt am Main (D).

For any dispute involving Florence Dailleux the competent jurisdiction is Lucerne (CH).