In the past few months, we have had many opportunities to accompany clients virtually.

Is that going well?

Oh yes :-)

But a little differently.

We have upgraded our digital setups and workflows accordingly and have had very positive experience with remote recording. Even though we still appreciate the human dynamics of a face-to-face meeting and like to feel it very much!

Here are a few insights into our new thinkpen everyday life.

We would be happy to discuss which setups are suitable for your meetings.


1- HYBRID analogue+digital

Graphic recording on paper, transmission via documentation camera or webcam.

 Single picture-method and display on a gallery-wall

2- DIGITAL 100%

Digital graphic recording on iPad or Cintiq tablet. Transmission

via screen sharing or documentation camera.

The digitally created visuals are immediately ready for use

and can be posted and shared.


Share, social media

we design your virtual space

The online meeting is coming up and the virtual rooms look boring and cold?

A few visual details will help your online platform look more cosy, more like home and more like you.

We can also find a mascot or a nice guy who will give your online event a face.


No need to plan a face-to-face meeting to create a strategy picture, a business illustration or visual storytelling. In most cases we can work remotely. 


We conduct the workshops or conversations via Zoom or the platform of your choice. We share our screen with the sketch developing on it, and repeat the procedure for the following steps up to the final image.


The iterative process can even be run remotely in a more flexible, spontaneous and cheaper way than it is with face-to-face meetings (no wonder: no logistic planning and no travel costs).

Everyone is happy.