ILO International Information Literacy Conference 2019

We learnt a lot by recording the international Conference on Information Literacy on May 10 in Frankfurt. What a thrilling topic for us to follow with our drawing hands and thinking pens (and well... heads, occasionally)!

Notre Europe/ Unser Europa : a five-day intercultural graphic Recording Workshop in Lyon / 6-12 May

One week with a young tribe aged 18-28 coming from Germany, France, Greece and Croatia to reflect on Europe /the European Identity and help them make their first steps in Graphic Recording, what a brilliant project! Notre Europe/unser Europa was organized by Plattform-Platteformes in Lyon: 


Thinkpen was there all along and Florence had lots of fun with all those creative people!

Here the video to the project, where she says a few words on Graphic Recording and her Graphic Recording workshop : Thanks Max Teste and The Plattform for this cool documentary !

20 anniversary of the Lisbon Convention

On 11 April in Mainz the Conference of University Rectors (HRK) celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the Lisbon convention that set the frame for the harmonization and recognition of academic competencies throughout Europe and fostered the development of student exchanges and cooperations between universities worldwide. Nice topic!

A complete summary with pics of our graphic recording can be seen under


Marketing Camp "Premiere" for the Siegfried Vögele Institut

On February 15 the Siegfried Vögele Institut organized their first Marketing Camp in their historical Villa in Königstein (Taunus). After insightful presentations of four remarquable speakers, round fifty participant defined and chose the topics they wanted to address in their discussions rounds. We recorded the sessions visually so that the panels could be used for the wrapup at the end of the day (see link below).


Launch of the African-German Youth Initiative in Bonn

how impressive to record in the historical buildings of the old Bundestag in Bonn! More than 1000 people from various African countries and Germany attended the whole event in july 2016.


We recorded the annual General Meeting of Intersport on November 11 and 12 in Hamburg; A brilliant event, good vibes and lots of enthusiastic fans for our drawings!

Lilly Germany: Advice to Rheuma-Patients now ONLINE

During the 44th Congress of the German Rheumatology Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Rheumatologie, DGRh) the  association "Rheuma-Liga Hessen e.V." organized a Patients Forum in Bad Nauheim.

Patients were asked to give testimonies about their daily lives and provide advice to other patients also suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Thinkpen recorded those visually and Lilly recently put the visual harvest online making the valuable tips available to all patients!


Graphic Recording to urbanistic Workshops of Stiftung Baukultur

Thinkpen recorded the workshops of the architectural foundation "Stiftung Baukultur" in Ipholden (04.16.16)!

A fruitful reflexion and sharing of best practice on the city of the future, its development, its social and aesthetic implications.


Graphic Recording for the Cologne Chamber of Commerce/12 March 2016

2015 Karlheinz Böhm Foundation Congress in Francfort

Menschen für Menschen held its annual congress on 25 April in Francfort. About 200 supporters and donators aged 12-99 could meet and catch a glimpse of the awsome projects the foundation is managing in Ethiopia, attend thrilling presentations, workshops and event concerts. It was our pleasure –and a privilege– to be there and record the presentations and workshops.


Frankfurter Neue Presse publishes Thinkpen interview on Graphic Recording


The newspaper Frankfurt Neue Presse got curious about graphic recording and found the technique fascinating. For their dossier about Graphic recorders in Frankfurt they interwiewed the Thinkpen Team for over an hour and eventually exprienced a live demo. The outcome of the interview was published in the FNP on Feb 17( but only in German! .

To read the article online:;art675,1267549

Caritas seminar on child poverty

As they were closing a cycle of 7 workshops dealing with child poverty, Caritas commissioned Thinkpen to support them with a visual summary of lessons learnt so as to better identify and better fight child proverty. Out of the serious, rather gloomy topic we created a colourful, vivid picture that was later digitalised for further internal use.

More pictures here.

Graphic Recording for Airplus Global Business Team

On 30th-31st October Airplus exprienced for the first time the benefits of graphic recording at their strategy-planning event in Seeheim. Global likes it visual! More pictures here

GERMAN RED CROSS Seminar on Second-hand clothes shops

We recorded this one-time event where a hundred people came from all over Germany to exchange on such topics as multicultural and organisational aspects, the HR factor or the opportunit to use shops as social and integration plattforms. More pics here!

4th Demography Congress Frankfurt & RheinMain Region

We recorded the 4th Demorgaphy Congress of the Frankfurt Rhein-Main Region on 9 April at the Frankfurt Chanber of Commerce & Industry.


An awesome event with about 550 attendees and lots of fascinating contributions.


More pictures here!